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MAU Branch Spotlight: Gaffney Branch
April 25, 2022 12:30:00 PM

MAU Workforce Solutions has 19 locations throughout the United States. We are taking the time to highlight each office, its unique personality, and the people who make it special. Today, we are looking at our branch in Gaffney, SC.

The MAU branch in Gaffney, SC, is one of our newest branches, opening its doors in March 2019. The city of Gaffney describes itself as a “small town, big adventure,” and that attitude is reflected in our branch. While small, the Gaffney branch is a lot of fun and works hard to provide great opportunities to job seekers. 

The Gaffney branch focuses its efforts on positions at several Milliken locations, including Jonesville, Blacksburg, and Gaffney, and the Guest House in Spartanburg. They work very closely with their contacts there and have developed a great relationship with them. Gaffney’s client base is expanding with new companies entering our market, so we expect to see a great deal of growth in the near future.

Interviewer Amanda Oliver talked about working at Gaffney and what she enjoys most at the branch.

MAU is proud of its employees like Amanda, who work every day to make lives better. To view jobs in the Gaffney area, click here.


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