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MAU Inc. Wins Supplier Award from AgileOne
September 8, 2023 5:39:13 PM

For the ninth time, MAU Inc. was honored to be recognized by AgileOne, as a top supplier of contingent talent to BMW’s largest plant worldwide, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. As the administrator of the contingent workforce program at BMW, AgileOne rigorously assesses and measures the performance of staffing suppliers against program-specific scorecards and key performance indicators. MAU continues to consistently excel in these assessments.

“We are grateful to have received recognition from AgileOne for the ninth year in a row. MAU’s sustained success in an ever-evolving job market and during record lows in unemployment is a testament to our commitment to quality.,” said Jim Sheehan, MAU’s Vice President of Professional Services “This award highlights MAU’s exceptional ability to identify, recruit, and retain top-tier talent across various professional disciplines, including Engineering, IT, Industrial Maintenance, Supply Chain, and Human Resources. Special recognition goes to Ashley Blackwell and Brooks Denman for their work and dedication to AgileOne and BMW.”

About MAU, Inc.

Headquartered in Augusta, GA, MAU is a privately held, minority-owned company that has been providing innovative solutions since 1973. MAU is a privately held, minority-owned company with extensive experience providing customized, quality solutions that provide consistent service and processes in the manufacturing/supply chain industries. Our passion is to unite data-driven strategies with first-class care, ensuring extraordinary outcomes and better lives for all.