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Transforming the Warehouse: A Case Study on Supply Chain Innovation
May 21, 2024 12:18:15 PM
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Supply chain innovation is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. As companies expand and evolve, the ability to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and adapt to new technologies becomes paramount. Effective supply chain management not only reduces costs but also improves service levels and profitability, making it a cornerstone for sustainable growth.

The Challenge

In 2007, Kimberly-Clark faced a pivotal challenge. To successfully implement SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system and revolutionize their supply chain efficiency, they needed expert training. K-C made the strategic decision to transition the responsibility for SAP supply chain solutions training from its internal team to trusted third-party partners. MAU was called upon to support this critical initiative.

Enter one of MAU’s key operational managers, whose nearly two decades of dedication to Kimberly-Clark made him an ideal leader for the SAP EWM training initiative. Focused on systems and material flow, as well as continuous improvement initiatives, he led a team of approximately 120 employees to deliver on key warehouse and logistics metrics.

The Results of Supply Chain Innovation

The collaboration between MAU and Kimberly-Clark yielded transformative results:

  • Enhanced Warehouse Management: Successful implementation of the EWM system improved operational efficiency.
  • Reduced Downtime: At the Beech Island facility, downtime was reduced by 67%.
  • Improved Inventory Accuracy: Enhanced precision in inventory management.
  • Decreased Shipping Errors: Shipping errors at K-C’s Berkeley Mills were reduced by over 90% within the first year.

Above and Beyond

The partnership between MAU and Kimberly-Clark is a testament to how dedication, expertise, and a willingness to exceed expectations can lead to significant improvements. MAU’s leadership in SAP EWM training and support has not only fortified K-C’s supply chain and warehouse management processes but also contributed to their ongoing success.

For more detailed insights, download the full case study.

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