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What is Lean?

Lean concepts focus on preserving or creating value, without adding work. In fact, the Lean methodology focuses on eliminating non-value added tasks and processes that don’t impact the bottom line, which can result in less work for your staff. These are critical components of maximizing business efficiency and customer value, and minimizing waste in the workplace.

Our temporary staffing and recruiting professionals implement Lean practices to effectively design strategic staffing solutions customized to your business’ needs.


Lean History

The philosophy of lean was first introduced by Henry Ford in the automotive industry, and continued on as a main manufacturing focus of  Toyota's vehicle production system to deliver orders as quickly as possible, and achieve a perfect workflow.

Toyota’s goal of Lean is to reduce waste in the form of “non-value-adding work,” “overburden” and “unevenness,” which, in turn, will expose systematic weaknesses. Additionally, Lean can be seen as the set of tools used to assist waste reduction, which can be in the form of staffing, recruiting or outsourcing services.


Benefits of Thinking Lean

Lean is about implementing changes that improve your business. We help local, national and international organizations manage their workforces using Lean principles to focus on increasing business efficiency and productivity while reducing wasted resources.

We couple this methodology with these other Lean-oriented activities to maximize the effectiveness of our processes, and your business’ efficiency:

  • Implement visual management tools and escalation plans to improve communications, and problem resolution.
  • Develop and manage a pool of pre-screened, qualified candidates to continuously replenish your business’ staffing needs.
  • Analyze your business’ current hiring and recruiting processes to identify sources of waste and non-value added activities, and develop recommendations using value stream mapping for future hiring.

Learn more about our processes and methodology we use to satisfy our clients’ staffing needs.