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Commitment to a Safe Working Environment

At MAU, we’re committed to applying risk management practices in all of our operations, and executing risk control policies and programs for safer working conditions. We believe that safety is a comprehensive, action-oriented endeavor that, when done successfully, results in a healthy, hazard-free environment. We set our working standards high, and aim to eliminate hazards so you can maintain the natural flow of your business.

MAU’s approach to safety is simple: identify, correct & improve (ICI).  We aim to train our people to identify workplace hazards and with the use of behavior based observations, we correct hazards, and through a program we call safety improvement actions (SIA) we strive to continuously improve.  ICI is a safety program that adapts easily to our client’s loss control initiatives and augments the effectiveness of their specifically prescribed safety programs.           

Additionally, we and our client partners support the mission of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws and regulations in order to assure safe and healthy working conditions for our employees.


Reduce Risk with Proven Programs

Our knowledgeable Safety Steering Committee and its subcommittees meet regularly to design safety initiatives, analyze results and facilitate our programs. To ensure employees remain safe, we utilize the following:

  • Client Exposure Risk Assessment (CREA):
    A tool to measure potential risks with prospective clients.
  • Client Risk Profile (CRP): A comprehensive management assessment, calculating risk between MAU and clients.
  • Observation Program: Used to seek out safe versus at-risk behaviors and procedures, and remove both risks and safety barriers.
  • Safety Training: Monthly required safety training delivered to all in-house employees.

Tailored Services, Trusted Expertise

Drawing on more than forty years of industry expertise and knowledge of best practices, our safety and training services and programs enhance the environmental safety and health programs you have in place and add to your success. 

We consider safety a value that permeates throughout all of our business activities; therefore, we strive to enhance our clients’ loss control initiatives, and sustain their safety goals. We support and abide by safety rules you design. This flexible approach allows us to help us blend our offerings to fit your business’ specific needs.




Safety Accountability

MAU’s newly established Board of Safety Advisors is made up of health and safety professionals that represent some of our largest clients. The Safety Advisors combine their expertise and first-hand experience to establish, administer and improve upon loss control strategies that reduce injuries and the risk of harm at our clients’ sites.



MAU Workforce Solutions - OSHA Training

If you're interested in attending OSHA training, please visit this page