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Career Transition & Outplacement Services at MAU Workforce Solutions

Post Author Stephanie Morrow
Feb 19, 2014 9:48:00 AM
Employer News

Are you prepared to transition your employees successfully from your business to a new opportunity, should a change in demand result in reduced headcount?

At MAU Workforce Solutions, we have the resources, technology and expertise to assist your employees in their time of need. We’ll help you maintain positive staff relations, while communicating effectively with transitioning employees.

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With access to our fully equipped career center, library and e-learning tools, you’ll lead dedicated employees down the right path, and support them with the tools to transition to their next opportunity. We also offer customized programs and industry events, either in-house, online, or on-site, to educate and prepare displaced employees for their next steps.

We also coordinate and partner with other local, national and international job services agencies to ease the transition, and aid in their job search. Learn more about our recruiting partners.

Provide Loyal Employees the Services They Need to Advance

MAU offers career transition assistance and educational programs to your valued employees, including:

  • Customized programs and workshops (in person and web-based): Provide individual or group training sessions that cover stress management, financial planning, building an effective resume, researching the job market, job search techniques, networking, effective interview strategies and offer negotiation.

  • Web-based career transition programs and e-learning tools: Give your employees the resources needed to advance, and set out on the right path for their future careers.

  • Behavioral aptitude leadership testing: Offer career, behavioral and personality evaluation tests and assessments to help individuals properly choose job opportunities, and pair individual traits and preferences with position requirements.

  • Access to job service partner agencies: MAU coordinates and partners with other local, national and international job services agencies to ease the transition, and aid participants in their job search.

Download:Career Transition/Outplacement Services Brochure

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