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Personnel Assessment Servces - 2-01.pngWith the proper pre-screening tools on-hand and evaluation processes in place, you can cut HR expenses and land the right candidate the first time. We offer the following evaluation tools to properly assess candidates:

  • Behavioral, aptitude and leadership qualities: Offer career, behavioral and personality evaluation tests and assessments to help individuals properly choose job opportunities, and pair individual traits and preferences with position requirements.
  • Career positioning and corporate fit: Determine your current and potential employees' aptitude by testing ongoing management strategies, cognitive abilities, decision-making skills, reaction to pressure, attention to detail and more.
  • Team dynamics and performance: Easily identify team players and individuals that excel working in groups, versus those who work best in solitary roles, as well as sociability and interaction.
  • Language and literacy: Test prospective candidates' academic literacy abilities to help aid in the placement process.

We also offer additional assessments, including: accounting/financial, call center, foreign languages, healthcare/medical, industrial, information technology, legal and paralegal, and office/professional. Other topics are available upon request.

See how we've helped companies hire the right candidates with our assessment solutions.

Our Assessment Approach

With MAU, "Consider it Done." We help you to find highly skilled candidates, review their qualificiations, abilities and characteristics, develop short-or long-term training programs, and assess career positioning for correct job placement.

Our Testing and Assessments services cover all of the bases, and as your strategic partner, we'll lead you through the hiring process step-by-step. Together, we'll discuss hiring challenges, goals and organizational priorities in order to design a specialized assessment solution that delivers results for your business.